Why Is The World So Fat?

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, around 12.5 million adults, or 67% of Australians aged 18 and over are overweight or obese.

Our tendency is to look for the ONE THING that caused this health catastrophe. Like many things in health, it is most likely a combination of several factors.

They include:

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  • Fast Food. The 70s saw the proliferation of fast food. This saw the average family moving away from almost 100% home prepared meals. This introduced salt, sugar, fried foods, and many other undesirable ingredients into our diet in large amounts.
  • Supermarkets. Instead of buying fruit and vegetables from local shops we enjoyed being able to eat what we want when we want from supermarkets. This brought into play early picking, cold storage, gas treatments and many other factors that reduced the nutrient density of our fruit and vegetables.
  • Packaged food. This is where we have lots of chemical cocktails masquerading as food. Your pantry is probably full of them. Not only is nutrition compromised but this also introduced many foreign chemicals into our eating and that is usually not a good thing.
  • Preservatives. This deserves far more attention than it is receiving. When I was a kid, you might have eaten two day old bread but it was getting stale by then. Now it lasts for a week. This is NOT good. If it doesn’t break down in the atmosphere it will probably be very difficult to break down in your body. Preservatives have added many undesirable chemicals into our food chain.
  • Vegetable Oils. These are truly a health disaster for us, especially the trans fats. ‘Vegetable’ sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Not so for the cheaply produced oils that are used in so many ways to prepare plastic food.
  • Sugar. Our food is just getting sweeter and sweeter. This is the biggest single factor in our growing obesity.
  • Low Fat Diets. This is one of the greatest examples of a misguided medical system in history. Fats were blamed for all sorts of health problems – quite unfairly as science has amply demonstrated in recent times. One big issue is that fat is closely linked to flavour. Take the fat out and what do we do? Add sugar, of course. [See paragraph above].

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Article by Steve Alexander
Photo by Gustav Lundborg from Pexels

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