Viral Strategies


There is a reasonable body of science that suggests strengthening your immune system is the best course of action in the absence of proven vaccines. Most of the population are low in serum Vitamin C and our foods are not high in it and we do not produce it internally, like most other animals. Therefore, supplementation is a good idea. Vitamin C powder is inexpensive and harmless. We recommend taking a solid preventative dose of 5 to 8 grams per day. This is two to three level teaspoons of Vitamin C powder. It is preferable to put 1 level teaspoonin your drinking bottle. That way, if you have three water bottles per day, job done. We also recommend high quality multi-nutrient supplements. You can also look to Reishi, green tea and other proven immune boosting supplements. You can also access Liposomal Vitamin C that is even more effective. The less stress you place on your immune system, the better. Eg. Smoking, drinking, eating garbage food, sugar, fried foods, etc. Oxygenation strategies (like the AirPod) and far infrared sauna sessions should also be of value.

In the event of mild infection

Increase Vitamin C to a full teaspoon every 3hours, or up to the point where you develop loose bowels, at which point, back off until resolved. Double or triple any immune boosting supplements. Drink lots of water and mainly eat easily digested fruit and vegetables.

In the event of serious infection

If hospitalised, insist that your doctor administer 20 grams of Vitamin C intravenously at least once per day. It he/she refuses, state that there is plenty of science to indicate this is prudent and stand your ground. This could be serious and the current treatment is no more than to just help with breathing. Taking your chances is not good when serious challenges exist. We suggest you get very assertive if necessary. (Google swine flu, 60 minutes, New Zealand, and watch that story. It will give you quite a bit of determination to get the best treatment available).

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