Are You A Spectator Of Life? Or A Star?

I want to make you uncomfortable.

Why would I do that? Sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it? Well, let me explain. Think about this..

If you are comfortable, then you are not moving, developing or growing yourself.

The moment you become comfortable with your life is the moment you become complacent and stagnate. In that environment, the human spirit diminishes, and success and fulfillment will elude you.

I’m not implying that you should never relax and enjoy time off. That’s not the point at all.

Those things are very important to do, so long as it is in BALANCE.

You deserve this R & R if you’re poured your heart and soul into your development.

However, you can’t be a “spectator” of life and ever expect the same rewards as the committed “stars” out there who are putting in the work.

Think of all those people who have the body you want. The money you want. The wisdom and knowledge you want. And the spiritual peace of mind you so yearn for.

They have those things because they have taken a chance, time and time again. They’ve put themselves outside their comfort zone.

They’ve pushed their limits beyond what they thought was possible.

And they didn’t give up when they failed the first time. Or when things got scary and difficult.

They make it a HABIT to be uncomfortable.

They begin to ENJOY being uncomfortable, for it yields rapid change and progress towards the version of themselves they know is contained within their potential.

This can be applied to anything in life.

Take playing the piano for instance.

Let’s break down this process of learning and see how this works.

You might find a piano teacher, or watch videos on YouTube which will show you the basics.

They will help you understand, intellectually, the fundamentals of reading music and how to position your hands over the notes in a sequence.

But the real learning begins when you DO IT.

What takes you from a novice playing Chopsticks to playing Chopin Etudes or Rachmaninov Rhapsodies is the DAILY HABIT OF PRACTICE.

If you want to be elite, you must be dedicated to perfecting your craft.

Not just when you feel like it.

Not just once a week.


There is no quick fix to master this. And ability may accelerate the process but it DOES NOT DO IT FOR YOU.

It is YOU that must do it. For yourself.

Apply this to everything in life and “Failure” gets deleted from your vocabulary. It gets replaced with “Learning Experience.”

Take yourself outside your comfort zone consistently and watch the speed at which you acquire new skills, new passions, and a new lust for life.

About the Author: Dale Ingram is the Business Development Manager of Revival and General Manager of Papilio System. He is trained in various Mind/Body/Spirit and subconscious reprogramming modalities such as PSYCH-K, NLP, Reiki, Light Dynamics and others. He speaks publicly and is passionate about raising awareness of the Power we have within ourselves to make Change in our lives.