UltraSound HIFU – Non Surgical Face Lift

A non surgical face lift that will revive your cells and boost your own collagen to refresh your skin and turn the clock back… HIFU uses High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound to create heat a deep level of the skin, creating a micro injury which the body then rushes oxygen and collagen to the cell to repair and regrow the cell.

No preparation is required and no recovery time or downtime is needed after this non-invasive treatment. HIFU tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, jowls, double chin, decolletage, upper arms, tummy, knees…talk with Team Nurture about how HIFU can help you.

You will generally notice a difference right away, and further improvement 12 weeks later however, the real magic happens in the 3-6 months after your HIFU treatment, as the cells regenerate and start dancing. The treatment can cause minor swelling and redness to the treated area and some tenderness in the days following the treatment.

With dedicated aftercare, the HIFU results are expected to last 12-24 months. Aftercare includes your normal skin care regime, regular facials, protecting your skin from the sun, LED Red Light Therapy, oral collagen and vitamin C supplements, and increasing your intake of other supportive antioxidants.

Team Nurture can discuss with you, and you should always check with your medical practitioner to ensure you are following the best protocol just.for.you.

Treatment Time 1-2 hours

Number of Treatments Needed – one-two treatments each 1-2 years

Downtime – no downtime at all though some discomfort and sensitivity may be felt in the days following the treatment