Papilio - Fat Burning System

What is Papilio?

Papilio fat burning workouts target fat loss and improve skin tone, as the training equipment serves as an accelerated cardio chamber that increases the calories you burn. All of us store and lose fat differently based on our genetics, and environmental and lifestyle factors.


How does Papilio work?

The Papilio system combines three concepts – exercise, negative pressure and infrared - in one complete program, designed to burn fat and detoxify your body, and improve health and wellbeing in an accelerated timeframe.

The encapsulated cardio chamber uses negative pressure and infrared light to override genetic programming and burn fat off the stomach, bottom and thighs. This powerful combination turns 30-minute of exercise into a more effective workout. The suction applied by the vacuum in the Papilio cardio chamber helps to balance the circulation in the lower body, resulting in better fat loss from these areas, while the infrared light penetrates the skin deeper and increases the body’s metabolic rate to assist the body in burning more calories per session than traditional treadmills.

What is the Result?

The Papilio System safely accelerates what would normally take much longer to do.

  • Papilio, Adventures in Weight Loss

    Targets areas such as the stomach, bottoms & thighs

  • Papilio, Infrared Sauna, Endermologie Body

    Workout smarter not harder

  • Papilio- Fat Loss and Skin Tone Treatment

    Cellular detoxification and elimination of waste

  • Papilio- Fat Loss and Skin Tone Treatment

    Reduced bloating & fluid retention

  • Papilio- Fat Loss and Skin Tone Treatment

    Increased body hydration levels

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Papilio, Adventures in Weight Loss

    Improved oxygenation & energy levels

  • Papilio, Infrared Sauna

    Strengthened circulatory system

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