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Airpod Hydroxy - An infusion of life-giving energy

What is AirPod Hydroxy?

No longer do you have to suffer pain, stiffness, rapid ageing, poor wellness.

The AirPod Hydroxy at Revival is a revolutionary wellness service incorporating two exciting modalities - oxygen therapy and hydrogen therapy. Oxygen supports our cells to complete the metabolic processes that give us life energy, life energy, while hydrogen is shown to benefit virtually every organ of the human body by reducing oxidative stress and positively impacting organs and systems throughout the body.

The AirPod Hydroxy chamber offers a relaxed, non-claustrophobic experience, managed by a qualified operator who is always in communication with the user. You just enter the chamber and relax for 50 minutes. You can meditate, read, sleep, use your devices or whatever you wish as you relax and rejuvenate your cells.

How does AirPod Hydroxy work?

Scientific research supports the concept that we all would be much better off with oxygen or hydrogen therapy to reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and aid cell repair and the good news is, the AirPod Hydroxy combines the two.

The Airpod Hodroxy chamber compresses the oxygen in the room by 35% and infuses it with hydrogen at up to a maximum of 1.35 times the normal atmospheric pressure. By gently pressurising air, the AirPod Hydroxy treatment achieves the desired result of increased cellular oxygenation to support to the body’s own healing process and assist with increased energy production and improved health and wellbeing.

Oxygen gives the athlete stamina, helps the injured heal, gives life to every cell in our body and protects us from environmental toxins.

What are the Results?

The Revival team believes the AirPod Hydroxy is the greatest step forward in wellness in decades.

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Adventures in Weight Loss, ICAROS

    Improved energy, stamina, mental alertness, sleep, circulation

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Endermologie Face

    Wound healing, recovery, immune function, inflammation and reduced pain levels

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Endermologie Body

    Relieves depression, Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Papilio, Adventures in Weight Loss

    Improved cognitive function, body composition and metabolic age

  • Airpod Hydroxy

    Improved Cholesterol profiles

  • Adventures in Weight Loss, Endermologie Body

    Improved Skin

  • cellular protection.

    Enhanced general cellular protection

  • Airpod Hydroxy, Infrared Sauna

    Deepen sleep cycle

Our colleague in Brisbane has some impressive case studies. Click here to see them.

What is the investment in AirPod Hydroxy?

These are discounted Introductory fees.




Combine with Far Infrared Detox Sauna for even faster results. READ MORE


Introductory Offer:


Combine with Far Infrared Detox Sauna for even faster results. READ MORE




Combine with Far Infrared Detox Sauna for even faster results. READ MORE




Combine with Far Infrared Detox Sauna for even faster results. READ MORE

Jeanie Hunter
in the last week
I have been regenerating & rejuventing my 43 year body at Revival Wellness for 3 months now and WOW the results are incredible !! ...
Teena Ingram
8 months ago
Thank you Claire for your care and the lovely treatment. I also noticed only after I left how generous you’d been with time. Very appreciated!
Kathy Golding
a year ago
A big thank you to Deb and the team at Revival Noosa. I have been a regular client now for several months and I am...

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