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Richard H. Testimonial

Thank you for introducing me to a most effective weight management/fat loss program.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Wellness Advocate for many years and have encountered numerous clients who’ve gone through a very frustrating journey in relation to losing fat and most importantly maintaining a healthy weight beyond any program they’ve tried before.

I’m currently going through the AWL program and would like to share my experience thus far. I’m going to join the 60’s Club this year and due to a knee injury I sustained some time ago, I’ve had to reduce my physical exercise regime which resulted in adding a bit more weight.

When I started the AWL program, just before Christmas (testing my own self discipline), my body weight was at 87kg and my ideal weight has always been around 80kg – 82 kg. I started the program as outlined and realized that there was no bread (apart from a slim amount of rye biscuits) and no milk in my beloved coffee. I decided to ‘tough it out’ and I found the first 3 days into the program I was very hungry. However at the end of my first week I noticed that my craving for bread and my love for coffee with a bit of milk had disappeared. It was a bit like ‘flicking a switch’ to a new normal feeling of satiety.

I am thoroughly enjoying my prepared meal plan and the hypnotic session with Dale Ingram became part of my morning ritual starting me off with a very empowering feeling of being in control and energized. My weekly phone support sessions with Dale are most insightful and are a valuable support in the program implementation. My current weight is 78kg and I also dropped my body fat by 3% within 4 weeks.

On another note, part of the AWL program also will incorporate the ageloc y span nutritional supplement. I’ve been privileged to have had access to ageloc y span to supplement my prepared meal plan. This is where my knee injury comes in…..within 2 weeks of supplementing with ageloc y span the perceived knee pain I experienced at times (on a scale 1 – 10 being excruciating) reached a level of about 8 and now has come down to a mere discomfort level of 2. Wow, so I’m back on the tennis court again.

In summary, I’m finding the AWL program to be quite simple, easy to implement and most important to be very effective in delivering healthy weight benefits. The body weight reduction in combination with ageloc y span had a massive impact on my ability to return to my regular physical exercise regime and supporting my efforts to a healthy and balanced, lifelong weight management program.

I can highly recommend it, and I will to anyone who decided to start their own Weight Loss Adventure.

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Richard Heidlmair

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