Reversing the Skin’s Ageing Process: Fact or Fiction?

A major new breakthrough in anti-ageing science has seen the development of clinically proven technology which PREVENTS ageing.

This is being hailed as the biggest news to hit dermatology circles in decades. Every one of the thousands of skin care products throughout the world have been focussing on repairing or covering up existing age effects. That has all changed in the last few months.

One well respected local cosmetic doctor recently said the potential exists for this technology to be bigger than Botox.

It all started at Purdue University in USA. Professor Morre and his team discovered an enzyme which resides on the wall of skin cells and he named it “age related NOX” and shortened it to arNOX. It appears that this enzyme becomes active (possibly by genetic programming) some time after age 25. It causes a significant cascade of free radicals which internally break down both collagen and elastin. The result is lines, wrinkles, sagging and other signs of ageing.

This is a major new discovery because previously, conventional wisdom put ageing down to external factors such as sun damage, pollution, etc. The significance of this internal source of ageing became apparent when Stanford University Dermatologists examined people’s skin and assessed their age based on their skin. Samples were then sent to Purdue to assay the density of arNOX. The findings were that those with high levels of arNOX looked an average of SEVEN YEARS OLDER than their true age. Those with low levels of arNOX looked an average of seven years YOUNGER than their age.

These studies explain why some people look much older or younger than their actual age.

The wonderful news is that technology has been discovered which STOPS the arNOX activity immediately. We have an amazing graph demonstrating the immediate inhibition of arNOX activity following application of the new technology. This was part of a presentation at a recent scientific congress.

As long as this technology is applied regularly, it is reasonable to expect the arNOX enzyme to be shut down. What does this mean to the average person? If you use this product for the next twenty years, you might look five or six years older than you do now.

We are conducting regular demonstrations of this technology at Revival for anyone who would like to see how it works. It is just amazing to see immediate changes in tissue. The long term effects will be staggering. In twenty years there will be two distinct groups. Those who shut down their arNOX and those who did not. By then it will be very obvious who is in each group.

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About the author: Debbie Chappell is a Director of Revival Anti Ageing Clinic in Peregian Beach, phone 5471 2288.