Nutritional Fairy Tales

If you are over 40, you will remember that our fruits and vegetables tasted a lot different in the 60s than they do now.

If you are younger than 40, it would make sense as to why, as foods were produced locally and fresh, not refrigerated, sprayed and transported internationally.

For example, pineapples used to have a rich golden juice running out when they were cut. Nowadays if any juice runs out, it is usually clear. Tomatoes just don’t taste like they used to.

Why has this happened? There are many reasons including high yield farming practices, picking before optimal ripeness, pesticides, long term storage to name a few. In short, the more human interference, the less nutrient value of the food.

This is not an exercise in nostalgia. It is part of the equation which has produced epidemics of degenerative diseases in the last three decades. The problem is that the colour and flavour of our fruits and vegies are the wonderful antioxidants which keep us healthy and there are lots fewer of them now than when we were kids. Most medical researchers agree that there is a nutritional component to most degenerative diseases. It is very obvious there is a link between decreasing nutrients in our food and increasing disease rates.

While many other factors like obesity and toxicity are also major players in degenerative diseases, we really need to look at our nutrient intake and see if it is sufficient to keep us healthy.

In Australia, Cardiovascular disease kills 40-50% of the population; cancers account for another 25%; diabetes was almost unheard of a century ago but is now an epidemic, around 20% of our children have asthma and a huge proportion of the over 40 population has arthritis.

The interesting aspect of these diseases is that medical science, with all its technology, is virtually useless at fully curing any of these diseases. Management, as opposed to elimination, is the most common strategy of doctors worldwide.

If the doctors can’t save you when you get sick, isn’t it sensible to do what you can to avoid becoming sick in the first place?

For decades, many in the medical fraternity told us that eating a good balanced diet was all we needed and supplements were unnecessary, just creating expensive urine. In 2002 that all changed. The US AMA published in their journal, JAMA, a review of nutrition and concluded that we need to supplement to maintain health. This is further reinforced by numerous studies, some of which we will discuss in future.

The most common factor in degenerative disease is Free Radical Damage. Free Radicals are unstable atoms which steal electrons from stable atoms, causing ‘oxidative’ damage. We see apples turn brown and metals rust. When too many free radicals attack our body, cell damage and cell death occurs. This can lead to degenerative diseases, like those mentioned above.

Our ‘modern’ environment generates many more Free Radicals than we experienced 50 years ago.

Antioxidants are the counter to Free Radicals. Antioxidants have ‘extra’ electrons they can donate to Free Radicals, which neutralises the harmful effects.

It has been difficult to measure levels of antioxidants in the body until recently. New technology can quickly and non-invasively measure this very important biomarker of wellness. We have been using this device for over two years in our clinic and the results are disturbing. Most people tested are way below healthy and functional levels.

The more evidence that appears, the stronger the argument is for lifetime supplementation of naturally derived multivitamins and minerals. This is not to fix problems. Rather it is what we call “Preventative Nutrition”. It is the only logical thing to do unless you grow your own organic fruit and vegetables and have done so for most of your life.

You can significantly improve your chances of living better, for longer.

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Debbie Chappell is a Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, Kinesiologist and Thermographer as well as a Director of Revival Anti Ageing Clinic. She can be contacted on 5471 2288.