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Menopause Belly is tough to shift

Partially caused by hormones, partially caused by food ingredients, partially caused by toxicity and who knows what else.

Simple diet and exercise is unlikely to get rid of it. You need some focussed, proven treatments to attack this challenge. At Revival we offer:

  • FAT FREEZING (“Cool Body”) to reduce the fat cells (We kill some of the little buggers)
  • DETOX SAUNA to release toxins and stimulate micro circulation
  • ENDERMOLOGIE to work the tissue to break down deposits
  • PAPILIO fat burning gentle exercise
  • MEDICALLY DESIGNED EATING PLANS to kick in the fat burning hormones.
  • DETOX products proven over many decades

A combination of these scientifically validated treatments might be the answer for you. We can design a program to fit with your budget. We offer a free consultation and Papilio session so you get to see what we do without risking any money. Call and check us out. What have you got to lose except some Menopause Belly?

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