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Keep Mentally Agile As You Age

Research from the University of Tel Aviv, published in July 2020, shows that hyperbaric therapy can improve cognitive function in older adults.

The main areas of improvement were attention, information processing speed, and executive function, in addition to the global cognitive function, all of which typically decline with age. Moreover, there was a significant correlation between the cognitive changes and improved cerebral blood flow in specific brain locations.

There are two significant factors contributing to our general cognitive decline as we age. The first is a reduction of oxygen to the brain. The second is oxidative stress. Caused by free radicals, this is the same process as metal rusting or an apple going brown when it is cut open.

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The whole idea of hyperbaric therapy is to apply pressure and therefore
force more oxygen into our blood streams… If you are breathing air at 1.3 atmospheres, for example, you receive 30% more oxygen into the blood stream than if you are breathing at normal atmospheric pressure. The AirPod Hydroxy also provides a flow of Hydrogen at the same time. Hydrogen has been clearly shown to neutralise the most dangerous of the free radicals, called Hydroxyls. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the AirPod Hydroxy is positively impacting the two major causes of cognitive decline.

Hydrogen has also been shown to mediate chronic inflammation. Apart
from potentially have a very negative impact on future health, chronic
inflammation is often associated with pain. Debbie has seen a toothache removed in one session in the AirPod. Steve has been using it regularly to help with chronic back and hip pain he suffers from time to time.

We can now even more confidently suggest the AirPod Hydroxy is a great tool for anyone interested in slowing cognitive decline as they age.

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