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Healing Magic of Infra Red Sauna by Mia Munro

Last year I was at wits end, after continual pain in my lumbar spine. I wondered if I would ever be able to fully walk again.

Most people in my world didn’t know about this as I blamed myself on some level and the help I needed wasn’t close by.

When I was 24 years, old an unconscious patient fell on me and I slipped two discs. Then I did bootcamps and extreme fitness challenges and re-injured it. I was searching for answers and I was not finding them easily. Everyone had a theory. After spending hundreds on Chiropractors, scans and painful spine treatments, I was in tears. I had a life to live and this wasn’t looking like a fun way to live!

So, as I always do, I tuned in and listened to myself.  I meditated and I released tears of frustration. A memory appeared and it said two things:
1. Talk to your mate who does the special gel who also had back pain.
2. Get into a sauna!

No 1. I will share this in a different post.
No 2. I went on the search for an infra-red sauna locally

And I found Revival in Noosa. I walked in and they seemed to get me and my philosophy.  Even though they focus on weight loss, they got it when I spoke about healing and inflammation.

I jumped on a machine called a Papilio and within 30 mins of walking on it with infra-red infusion, my spine pain began to ease off. A week later after some sauna sessions I was almost fully pain free. I added my mates’ gel and boom, pain free for the first time in 6 months!

Since then, that crazy world crisis happened and they had to close down. My spine began to retreat back into tightness. I’m happy to say I’ve been back for 1 week to my trusty infra-red and I am walking, loving it and my spine is smiling!!

Never give up with pain, there is always a pathway. And Consider infra-red, its magical powers to heal the body are extreme!

The side effect of course is a spa like experience where I feel nourished and deeply cared for 3 x a week. My amazing friend Deb at Revival in Noosa will welcome you with an open heart! Or locate one near you and notice the difference!

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