Where Is Happiness? When Can I Be Happy?

Some say “Happiness is a Journey.” But one must wonder, a journey to where?

To money? To fame? To true love? To your once in a lifetime holiday?

The issue with this approach is you are always SEEKING happiness, never wholly content in the present moment. And the act of ‘seeking’ suggests separation. Separation from you and thus, from happiness itself.

Anybody who has lived in this “I’ll be happy WHEN….” mentality knows from experience that even if you do achieve whatever you think will make you happy, that happiness is only temporary. It’s like a thrill, a short lived high, no different in its fleeting nature than the high of a drug or carnival ride. Once that high wears off, we are back to where we started emotionally and begin to wonder, “What’s Next?”

Thinking about what’s next takes us out of the present moment (which is real) and into the future (which is only in our imagination). Regretting our history also takes us out of the present moment and into the past (which is also only in our imagination). The only moment that is actually ever real for us is RIGHT NOW. Everything else is constructed in our minds, around our biased interpretation about what HAS happened or what WILL happen.

To further clarify this point, in the past for you; at that time, when was it? Of course, it was NOW.

At the point in the future you imagine; by the time you get there, when will it be? Of course, it will be NOW.

As such, it is craziness, really, to place our sense of happiness around these two illusions of past and future. Even though they may have been real at one point, or may be real in due time, they are nothing more than figments of our overactive (and often unnecessarily negative) minds in this moment right NOW. When we are projecting or remembering in this moment of now, our attention and appreciation is subverted away from this real moment, and into the illusions of our mind. (This may be acceptable, by the way, if these imaginings were positive and uplifting. But who can honestly say that all of theirs are?).

The only thing that actually makes sense is to derive one’s sense of happiness from this moment of NOW. As this moment is all that is ever real.

Furthermore, if you want to change your expected future, the only moment you can put steps in place to create something different is NOW. Even if that step is to book a time in your diary to take a larger step that will take you closer to your desired situation.

Always, all ways, the only moment you’ve ever got is NOW.

It takes emotional intelligence, wit and determination to remove yourself from the illusion that someTHING or someONE will make you happy at any point in time other than NOW. It takes guts, humility and wisdom to not just understand intellectually, but to FEEL the abundant happiness contained within you, sparked by nothing more than your very existence.

End the charade your mind has inadvertently created for you.

Celebrate being alive. NOW.

Fall in love with life itself. NOW.

You’ll find yourself still chasing your dreams and ambitions, but this time, with no attachment to the outcome.

This is the only way to truly enjoy and appreciate the process of life at all times. Which is to say, in these moments of NOW.

About the Author: Dale Ingram is the Business Development Manager of Revival and General Manager of Papilio System. He is trained in various Mind/Body/Spirit and subconscious reprogramming modalities such as PSYCH-K, NLP, Reiki, Light Dynamics and others. He speaks publicly and is passionate about raising awareness of the Power we have within ourselves to make Change in our lives.