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Just imagine – having more energy & mental clarity, slowing ageing and reducing your chances of dementia.

Cells in your body have many MITOCHONDRIA. They are little power plants. Glucose and water go in and energy molecules, called ATP, come out.

Just like an electricity power plant where fossil fuel goes in and electricity comes out. Mitochondrial output drives the energy in cells and that drives our life.

Steve Alexander, Founding Principal of Revival, has been a natural health practitioner since 1992 said, “Kids have lots of energy. Old people typically have low energy. The difference between them is ATP, a chemical produced in our cells by Mitochondria.”

Dr. Dale Bredesen, director of neurodegenerative disease research at the UCLA School of Medicine, adds to this. While 48 variables have influence on Alzheimer’s, he said “at the heart of it all is mitochondrial dysfunction”. Steve then added, “Without energy, nothing will work properly. If our trillions of cells are functioning well, we are healthy. High energy is an indication of good health. But lethargy has become increasingly common. Not a good sign.

Healthy cells clear toxic material from within. Healthy cells use nutrients effectively, healthy mitochondrial energy is indicated by high physical energy; good cognitive skills and sexual enthusiasm. Like a coal fired power station getting old and rusty, our mitochondria lose their oomph as we age. So these three aspects of our life fade away.” Elite scientists found 52 genes that control mitochondrial activity. The same scientists developed a combination of plant based extracts proven to reset the 52 genes to a more
youthful profile That results in more ATP. A supplement proven to improve mitochondrial function seems a sensible strategy. Your investment is less than $2 per day. It’s a bargain!

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