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Effortless Wellness: Introducing AirPod Hydroxy

Since 2003 Revival has been offering non-invasive, non-toxic products and services designed to improve our clients’ quality and length of life. The business was established by Debbie Chappell and Steve Alexander who have been natural health practitioners since 1992 and are still the sole owners. 

Revival’s investments in cutting edge technology have seen a clinic that provides a combination of services not seen anywhere else in the world. 

We are incredibly excited to make our clients aware of what we believe is the greatest step forward in wellness in decades. It is a system called AirPod Hydroxy. 

Before we elaborate on it, let’s discuss some background: 

Oxygen Therapy 

Every cell in the body needs oxygen to complete the metabolic processes that give us life energy. Oxygen gives the athlete stamina, helps the injured heal, gives life to every cell in our body and protects us from environmental toxins. 

Hyperbaric oxygen systems have been available for decades and used to great effect. The principle is that higher than normal pressure forces more oxygen into the cells. 

There are some dangers with hyperbaric oxygen and oxygen tanks can be problematic. More recently, systems have been developed where much safer lower pressure is used with no bottled oxygen. This still achieves the desired result of increased cellular oxygenation. 

Increased cellular oxygenation translates to improved: Energy, stamina, mental alertness, skin condition, sleep, circulation, wound healing, recovery, immune function, inflammation and pain levels. 

Now, let’s talk about the GAME CHANGER 

Hydrogen Therapy 

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe. Hydrogen remediates oxidative stress, which is one of the most fundamental mechanisms that destroys human health. That’s why hydrogen is so exciting. 

Hydrogen Therapy is very new. 

It came to attention in 2007 when a significant paper was published in Nature, one of the top science journals. Since then over 1000 peer reviewed papers on Hydrogen Therapy have been published, showing it has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models. In fact, hydrogen is shown to benefit virtually every organ of the human body. 

Hydrogen has been shown to: 

  • Stop the development of Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Relieve depression 
  • Reduce oxidative stress throughout the body 
  • Improve body composition & metabolic 
  • Help with both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Improve Cholesterol profiles 
  • Improve Cognitive function 
  • Have a positive impact on all organs and systems tested. 
  • Enhance quality of life of cancer treatment patients. 
  • Improve Skin 
  • Enhance general cellular protection 

This graph shows the current number of published studies (since 2007) relating to the different areas of health: 

Presently, very few doctors or other health professionals are even aware of the existence of Hydrogen Therapy, let alone familiar with how to use it. 

Steve has been accredited as a Hydrogen Therapy Advisor by the Molecular Hydrogen Institute, an independent scientific group researching this very new and exciting field. 

Scientific research clearly supports the concept that virtually all of us would be much better off with either oxygen or hydrogen therapy. 

Well, the big news is that the AirPod Hydroxy combines the two. 

This beautifully crafted chamber infuses both oxygen and hydrogen up to a maximum of 1.35 times normal atmospheric pressure. The equivalent of being about 10 feet under water. There are no gas bottles, masks or any other paraphernalia. You just enter the chamber and relax for 50 minutes. 

There is a little pressure adjustment, like in a plane. You can meditate, read, sleep, use your devices or whatever you wish as you relax and rejuvenate your cells. 

Effortless wellness

Revival’s AirPod Hydroxy is now available to enhance and improve quality of life. Discounted introductory rates mean sessions are priced affordably between $45 and $80. 

Contact Revival on 5455 5655 or www.revivalclinic.com.au 

For extensive science on Hydrogen Therapy, visit www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com. Steve Alexander (Founding Principal of Revival) can be contacted on 0417631113 

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