Does Papilio Really Work For Fat Burning?

My Papilio Review, Week 1

If you doubt you can lose real fat in the first week of a lifestyle change – just look at my results and read on…

A little about me before I begin, I am not a huge girl. I have podgy bits here and there that I don’t like about my body, but I eat healthy and exercise almost everyday. I have not been comfortable in my skin in a while now, I am very busy working and studying at University and I would love to go to campus or work without being irritated that my jeans are a little too tight.

Most of all, I would love to not worry about it.

I was doing the usual Facebook news feed scroll a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon an offer by a day spa I like to go to every now and again, they were offering a treatment called Cool Body. When I called the spa to enquire, they were not doing the treatments at the time, they referred me to the Revival Clinic.

I made a consultation for the next day, definitely curious about the treatments that they did. I stalked the website to find information about treatments they do and I was not too sure about what I was getting myself into.

During the consult with Dale, I was excited and keen to try out a Papilio System 4 week Program, the price was affordable for what I was getting and there was always the money back guarantee. I am skeptical though, could this really make a difference to my life? Or will this result in binge weight later on like all the fads? I will find out soon enough, Dale though was very intelligent and knew a lot about the human body, nutrition and was able to answer every one of my questions with absolute confidence.

These were my thoughts throughout the first 7 days of my Program:

Day 1:

I already feel like a burger or some chocolate, I have gone 12 hours without processed sugar and grains. I am pretty sure this is “detoxing” but I do not love this feeling. Maybe I cannot do this program…I do just LOVE bread, coffee and alcohol. Nope, I should stick to the program. I do believe I have some willpower somewhere.

Day 2:

I am in Ketosis (Fat Burning) already! But I am famished, I only ate an hour ago and I could eat a whole horse. I guess my metabolism has rapidly increased? I am definitely eating a lot of food though and sticking to the meal planner. So I drink more water and take the dog for a walk, do not give into temptation Ellyn.

Day 3:

This Ketosis is already making me feel better about not stuffing my face with sugars and grains, I feel a lot better already, with more energy. Only a few more days until the first weigh, I just need to focus and not get tempted by any junk foods that I have had to break up with.

Day 4:

Being a Barista and not being able to drink my usual 4 double latte’s a day is starting to get hard, overall though I am still in Ketosis and feeling great! Why should I ruin this with a coffee that might take me out of Ketosis? I will have a tea!

I have noticed even my grocery bills are smaller, I am a focused buyer at the shops and not adding extra foods for snacks. I should put the extra few dollars aside for a nice outfit for when I finish the 4 weeks…

Day 5:

Who needs toast or coffee? Certainly not I anymore. I have been on the Papilio machine for half an hour and I am feeling sweaty and excellent. Maybe cutting processed foods is not that bad for you after all…I usually am not a sweaty person, but I am starting to enjoy coming off the Papilio Accelerated Fat Burning Machine (pictured) and having my back covered in sweat and my legs feeling like jelly!

My food cravings and hunger are gone, I am set into a routine already that I have my cleanse powder, breakfast, green shake, lunch and dinner.

Day 6:

This is easy, I can’t believe I doubted myself. The energy I have is incredible! My focus on my assignments is even improving. All I needed to do was change some unhealthy habits. The Papilio Machine though is definitely the catalyst to pure fat loss. The machine workout is not strenuous, I am walking on a treadmill at 5km/hr and this is making me burn 3000 calories – what else on this planet could make me lose my butt with so little effort?

Day 7:

Okay so the big reveal. I have been in Ketosis since day 2, so surely I would have lost about a kilo of weight. After a session on the Papilio Machine I get onto the scales and I can not believe my results! 3 kilograms of fat?! In a WEEK. No way. Increased muscle? Decreased metabolic age? If these are my results now, I wonder what I will be looking like in 3 weeks from now!

Stay tuned.

Papilio Results 1 Week

About the Author: Ellyn is a client with Revival at their Minyama Clinic. She begun her program on the 17/04/15, after having a complimentary Papilio session and health assessment on the 15/04/15. She agreed to allow Revival to use this blog on Public Forums as well as our website.