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Beating the “Feed Me” Loop

We are often asked why we place so much importance on supplements when our clients engage in the Adventures in Weight Loss (AWL) programs.

The simple fact of life is that most people in the western world are nutrient deficient. The following graph from a US government sponsored study perfectly illustrates the situation.

The RDA is Recommended Daily Allowance which is pretty much the nutrient level to keep cells alive in a dish. It is certainly not the level that provides optimum health and vitality.

As a Baby Boomer, when I was a kid, we ate fresh fruit and veggies, usually grown locally by farmers who could not afford pesticides, so it was close to organic. We were not shooting our livestock full of growth hormones like we are today. Bread went stale overnight, so we did not have the preservatives we need to process today.

All in all, the food had a much higher nutrient content than today. The graph above confirms this.

The “Feed Me” Loop

Our body is monitoring thousands of functions every second and messages are sent back and forth to communicate requirements to many parts of the amazing human health system.

Our main chemical processing unit is called the Liver. When we are nutritionally compromised, the liver will be short of specific nutrients it needs to produce the myriad of chemicals it needs to generate to keep us functioning.

As a result of shortages of chemicals, the message goes out to eat something, so we get some raw materials.

This is where is gets remarkably interesting in relation to obesity. We get the feeling we are hungry because of the “Feed Me” message, so we head off to the refrigerator or pantry and scoff down half a pack of Tim Tams or some other highly processed, sugary product masquerading as food. The problem is there is very little usable nutrition, so the Liver’s issue has not been fixed, so the “Feed Me” message goes out again. We then eat the rest of the packet of Tim Tams.

Even if we are eating a healthier diet, there is often insufficient nutrition in our foods to stop the “Feed Me” loop.

This is a major factor with anyone challenged by their weight over a long time.

This is where the supplementation is so important. If you have good quality supplements that get into the cells and provide good levels of basic nutrition, the “Feed Me” loop is interrupted. Many cravings disappear.

The weight management process becomes so much easier.

I was talking to Graham Park, Founder of Adventures in Weight Loss, about this and he said that when the long-term results of the program were assessed there was a significantly better result for the people who kept taking the supplements AFTER their AWL program came to an end.

This makes total sense because if the “Feed Me” loop is not active we are much more likely to keep the weight off, even though we might not be following the program any longer.

Unfortunately, cheap supplements do not get into the cells well enough to satisfy the liver’s chemical needs.

Therefore, we are so committed to including the high quality Pharmanex supplements in the AWL programs.

To get weight off effectively it is essential to break the “Feed Me” loop. It also helps a lot to keep the weight off for the long term.

Article by Steve Alexander
Photo by Lisa vhb from Pexels

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