Bags Under The Eyes: Beauty? Or Health?

Our most radiant and beautiful clients usually take great interest in their health as well. This is no coincidence.

The subjects of Health and Beauty are often viewed as being unrelated. The fact is that they are closely interdependent.

Let me give you an example. Bags under the eyes are very common and universally despised by anyone afflicted by them. Some people go to a beauty consultant of some description and seek help correcting them.

Bags under the eyes are most commonly caused by poor lymphatic drainage, toxicity or underactive kidneys. Most beauticians will typically not even consider these conditions, let alone correct them.

With so much focus in our society on external appearance, we often seem to overlook the fact that a healthy body is the platform for external beauty.

Many ladies are concerned about cellulite. There is a proliferation of cellulite therapies to service this concern. Having been in this area for nearly six years, we have seen many ‘miracle’ treatments, most of which are not very effective. The critical factor of which most promoters of cellulite therapy are completely ignorant is how to reactivate a sluggish Lymphatic System. This vital system is not only a large part of our Immune System – it also handles the ‘garbage removal’ function so necessary to transport waste away from the treatment site.

Without it functioning well, it is virtually impossible to get good results from any cellulite therapy. When we introduce a new client to our therapy, we conduct an assessment of the lymph and we can usually see a pattern of congestion. If there are signs of significant blockages, we recommend a series of BodiHealth treatments prior to commencing cellulite therapy. Once the system shows signs of good lymph flow, we proceed with the treatments.

We also look for indications of accumulated toxicity in the system and take corrective measures in this area as well. The third factor is hormonal balance, the lack of which can cause extreme challenges in bringing about external changes.

Once the body is working well, your investment in beauty will produce much better dividends.

Revival clinic has a special introductory package where we assess underlying sub clinical health parameters (including your Lymphatic System) as well as providing two blissful pampering treatments.

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Debbie Chappell is a Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, Kinesiologist and Thermographer as well as a Director of Revival Anti Ageing Clinic. She can be contacted on 5471 2288.