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Are Organic Foods Worth The Extra Money?

A very new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association – one of the top medical journals – has added some heavyweight science to the discussion.

In an investigation involving nearly 70,000 participants in France, the
results are that the group who ate mostly organic food had 25% lower
incidence of cancer than those who primarily ate non-organic food.

Some less enlightened commentators have suggested organic food
production is just a money-making racket. This does include some of the
medical fraternity. Hopefully they will be less aggressive in the light of this new information.

Further reinforcement for organic produce is supported by a study
showing unacceptable levels of Glyphosate (the active ingredient in
Roundup) in orange juice in USA. A recent massive court case in USA pretty much forced Monsanto to accept that Roundup causes cancer. More to come on that!

A recent USA investigation found dangerous levels of Glyphosate in 43 out
of 45 breakfast cereals tested.

Glyphosate widely popular herbicide that has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm, was detected in 85 percent of cotton hygiene products tested in a preliminary study from researchers at the University of La Plata in Argentina.

Toxicity is everywhere in our ‘modern’ environment… AND IT IS DANGEROUS TO OUR LONG TERM HEALTH! It is IMPORTANT to detox regularly. We recommend to all our clients too undertake a gentle detox once or twice per year. We have a herbal tea we have been using for over twenty years now that is fantastic. We also use some homeopathic remedies and, or course, the far infrared sauna. This combination has worked very well for us for a long time. It is inexpensive, easy and effective.


Steve (“Super Pure”) Alexander

P.S. I am happy to discuss these issues with any of our clients because it is
so important.

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