Let’s Keep The Ticker Ticking Over

Far too many people I know have suffered cardiovascular events. Some of them have been fatal.

Cardiovascular disease kills almost half the population.

In 30% of cases, the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is DEATH.

The unfortunate truth is that the western medical system is just looking for identifiable disease. Doctors talk about prevention but the attempts to do so are quite pitiful when you look at some of the other amazing medical technology that has been created for diagnosis and symptom management.

The current idea of prevention is to tell people to lose weight, get fitter, take drugs to reduce cholesterol [the benefits of which are highly questionable], take drugs to thin the blood [also questionable benefits as a preventative] and take drugs to lower blood pressure.

If you have symptoms, your GP will usually send you to a Cardiologist who will look for disease. If nothing is found, not much is ever done. You’re sent on your way with the cause of your symptoms left as a mystery.

I don’t know about you, but my take on this is that the system sucks!

Most of us are just sitting around, hoping nothing goes wrong. When it does, we get some symptoms. If we survive we usually go to the doctor. Usually if disease is identified [like a blocked artery] action like a stent or by-pass surgery follows.

But wouldn’t it be nice to know BEFORE the symptoms arrived that we are getting into a dangerous zone, so we can at least attempt to be PROactive about staying healthy, instead of being REactive to a life-threatening situation?

A year or so ago I invested in some technology that really excites me. Russian research into a new branch of cardiovascular science called Heart Rate Variability has produced a simple device that can in five minutes give you an excellent indication on the overall status of your cardiovascular system.

It is called Angioscan.

A simple pulse oximeter is attached to your finger for about five minutes. It is connected to a computer system and the mathematical assessment of the heart beat profiles returns very valuable information.

It does not diagnose a disease of any kind.

What the Angioscan does tell you are aspects of cardiovascular function like the flexibility of your artery walls or your cardiovascular age. These are just two of six parameters that give a general indication of overall cardiovascular wellness.

If minor deviations from an ideal profile are identified, some nutritional supplementation may be enough to fix the issue. Significant deviations usually see me suggest that the subject goes in for a battery of tests with their doctor BEFORE life threatening symptoms may arise.

This system has saved a couple of lives in the last six months as well as putting lots of minds at ease when they see a very good cardio profile. It has also raised concerns for a few very fit, young and slim people who showed early signs of significant future issues. These issues are a lot easier to do something about at age 35 than 65.

Having been a natural health practitioner since 1992, preventative approaches have always been of great interest to me. I really love the Angioscan because it can do so much for so many in a very short time.

We have decided to make time available in our clinics to provide this assessment service to our clients, their partners and their friends. The appointment only takes about twenty minutes and the fee is $40, including a full printed report.

Contact your nearest clinic and organise an appointment if you would like to know more about your cardio health using the Angioscan.


About the Author: Steve Alexander has been a natural health practitioner since 1992. He has seen the Health and Wellness industry evolve and change and brings a wealth of experience to his clients. He is a co-founder of the Revival Company and currently works with clients by appointment.