Ageing is NOT Like the Weather

Ageing is NOT like the weather!

We CAN do something about it.

Pull up a pinch of skin on the back of your hand and hold it there for a few seconds.

If it springs right back you are probably younger than thirty. The older we get, the longer it takes to spring back into position. This is because of the loss of ELASTIN in our skin. It is one of the main reasons for sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.

Every cell in our body has our genetic instruction manual, detailed in our twenty to twenty-five thousand genes. The recent development of EPIGENETICS [the study of gene expression] has shown that genes do not just sit idly by and do nothing. If you think of genes as the musical notes of an opera you will get the idea. The music on paper is the same but different musicians play the music very differently. Some notes will be played louder or longer than another orchestra playing the same music.

It is the same with our genetics. Some genes will be loudly expressing and some softly. The genes don’t change but their degree of activity does. To illustrate this in reality, you might have the gene that predisposes you to develop arthritis. This does not necessarily mean you will develop arthritis. What it means is that you are more likely to develop arthritis than someone who does not have the arthritis story written into their opera. For you to have arthritis the gene must become active enough for the biochemical events bringing on the disease to be triggered. You could go your whole life without so much as a pain in the pinky.

This gets us back to elastin. When we are young the genes controlling elastin production are operating a quite a high level. As we age, the genes ‘downregulate’. This lowers elastin production and our skin loses its spring. Bummer!

Genes that produce melanin ‘upregulate’ with age, hence age spots.

The good news is that science has come up with ways to improve gene expression through specific botanical interventions that reset the profile to that of a much younger person. There are some products now available that are proven to do this.

One such product that is enormously popular with anyone with genuine concern about loss of elasticity in their facial skin has been available for a couple of years now. It has been the subject of numerous clinical trials. It has been shown to return elastin levels on people over fifty to the levels they enjoyed in their twenties. It is literally turning back time as far as elastin loss is concerned. It is not a cheap product but does have a money back guarantee. I use it EVERY DAY as part of my skin care regime. Having experienced what it does for me and our clients, there is no way I am stopping using it.

Whether it is elastin in your skin, your energy levels or age related fat accumulation, these issues can all now be positively impacted by EPIGENETICS, the science of the 21st Century.

The really BIG news is that we are about to witness the release of a supplement that resets the Ageing Defence Mechanisms. These are groups of genes [around 1000 in total] that control our ageing process. This is the most significant product to ever be released in the field of longevity and life quality. Let us know right away if you would like some advance information. Click here to send us an expression of interest to know more.

Debbie Chappell is a Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioner, Kinesiologist and Thermographer as well as a Director of Revival Anti Ageing Studio in Peregian Beach Shopping Centre. She can be contacted on 07 5471 2288.