Age Reversal is Now Reality

For centuries we have heard stories of the “Fountain of Youth”. Now modern technology has produced products and devices which can actually make your body younger on the inside and on the outside.

What is aging? Externally, the major factors influencing how we look are the loss of elastin and collagen from our skin and free radical damage which breaks down the skin tissue. Scientists at Purdue University in USA have recently identified an enzyme known as ARNOX (in layman’s terms) which triggers the aging process in human tissue. Major progress has been made in inhibiting this enzyme, which should largely slow the aging process. In fact a solution will be commercially available this year.

Internally, our body accumulates toxins while other stresses such as poor nutrition, accidents, operations and emotional stress combine to slow the Lymphatic System and inhibit the Nervous, Hormonal, Circulatory and Digestive Systems as well as numerous other physiological functions. No wonder we feel more tired as we get older.

In our clinical protocols we use a number of assessment devices to gain a picture of whether the body is older or younger than the number of birthdays the client has celebrated. Once a benchmark has been established, there are numerous therapies that can bring about a reduction in the body age and a measurable improvement in many facets of one’s function.

The obvious question we are asked is why doctors do not do this type of work. The simple fact is that doctors are expert at diagnosing and treating diseases, usually with pharmaceuticals or surgery and they are experts in these fields. The challenge is that our medical industry is focussed on disease and by the time we develop diagnosable symptoms of disease, it is often too late to completely overcome the disease. Management and symptom relief are all that can be done for many health challenges once they reach the disease state.

Therefore, it makes sense to do what we can to ensure our organs, cells and systems are running as well as possible to avoid getting to the disease state. This is where Age Reversal strategies come into play. It is possible to recognise early signs of potential challenges by using sub-clinical assessments. Usually, these deviations from the wellness pathway can be reversed with lifestyle modification and gentle, safe and scientifically validated Pre Disease Therapies.

Some doctors are participating in preventative strategies and this should be applauded and supported. There is far too little of it and for many patients it will be far too late.

Externally, there are scientifically proven strategies that can return elastin levels to those of decades ago; rebuild collagen levels and non invasively reduce wrinkles and lines. Most would agree if you can easily (and non toxically) achieve those objectives, you would certainly look younger. If your bodily functions run as they did a decade ago and your cellular health is akin to someone 10 years younger than you, we could safely say you have effectively reversed the ravages of Time, which is true Age Reversal.

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About the author: Debbie Chappell is a Director of Revival Anti Ageing Clinic in Peregian Beach, phone 5471 2288.