Richard H. Testimonial

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Thank you for introducing me to a most effective weight management/fat loss program. I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Wellness Advocate for many years and have encountered numerous clients who’ve gone through a very frustrating journey in relation to losing fat and most importantly maintaining a healthy weight beyond any program they’ve tried before. I’m…

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Healing Magic of Infra Red Sauna by Mia Munro

Infra-Red Sauna Mia Munro, Articles

Last year I was at wits end, after continual pain in my lumbar spine. I wondered if I would ever be able to fully walk again. Most people in my world didn’t know about this as I blamed myself on some level and the help I needed wasn’t close by. When I was 24 years,…

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D, Articles

As each summer fades into memory, people head into their local doctors surgery for flu shots – a ‘convenient’ way to avoid the acute respiratory infections and seasonal influenza that are all too common in the colder months. However, a recent study holds some interesting information for us on this front. A meta-analysis of 25…

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Are Organic Foods Worth The Extra Money?

Articles, Organic Foods Worth The Money

A very new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association – one of the top medical journals – has added some heavyweight science to the discussion. In an investigation involving nearly 70,000 participants in France, theresults are that the group who ate mostly organic food had 25% lowerincidence of cancer than those…

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Menopause Belly is tough to shift

Articles, Menopause Belly

Partially caused by hormones, partially caused by food ingredients, partially caused by toxicity and who knows what else. Simple diet and exercise is unlikely to get rid of it. You need some focussed, proven treatments to attack this challenge. At Revival we offer: FAT FREEZING (“Cool Body”) to reduce the fat cells (We kill some…

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Energy and Vitality

Articles, Energy and Vitality

Just imagine – having more energy & mental clarity, slowing ageing and reducing your chances of dementia. Cells in your body have many MITOCHONDRIA. They are little power plants. Glucose and water go in and energy molecules, called ATP, come out. Just like an electricity power plant where fossil fuel goes in and electricity comes…

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Keep Mentally Agile As You Age

Articles, Keep Mentally Agile As You Age

Research from the University of Tel Aviv, published in July 2020, shows that hyperbaric therapy can improve cognitive function in older adults. The main areas of improvement were attention, information processing speed, and executive function, in addition to the global cognitive function, all of which typically decline with age. Moreover, there was a significant correlation…

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Your Immune System – Suddenly A Lot More Important!

Articles, Immune System Important

Chances are we will likely be exposed to COVID-19 if it keeps spreading like it has the last few months. Trying to avoid it is good… Being ready for it is better… Even the worst plagues in history have taken out 20-30% of the population… And they were in times of horrendous hygiene and limited…

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Viral Strategies


Prevention There is a reasonable body of science that suggests strengthening your immune system is the best course of action in the absence of proven vaccines. Most of the population are low in serum Vitamin C and our foods are not high in it and we do not produce it internally, like most other animals.…

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