20 GOLDEN RULES of Fat Loss

Have you ever wished you had a checklist of ideas to encourage your body to burn fat (and stay healthy)?

We thought you might, so we provided these 20 Golden Rules of Fat Loss for you to use in your daily lives.

See how many you currently do!

  •  If it comes in a packet – don’t buy it! Packaged foods are full of preservatives. Preservatives prevent foods from being broken down. How do you think your digestive system copes with this?


  •  Read the label! Become a conscious eater. Start to become aware of the chemicals you’re putting in your mouth. Remember that every chemical has to be processed and eliminated by your body. Try not to make it’s job any harder than it has to be..


  •  Enjoy the taste of every mouthful. This helps the digestive system, as well as secreting hormones that result in the feeling of fullness earlier than if you absently gulp food down.


  •  Avoid processed foods. These foods are saturated in toxic chemicals that your body has to then dispose of.


  •  Avoid sugar. All carbohydrates end up as sugar (glucose) after they’ve been refined by the body. Our Western culture has about 80% of our energy intake in carbs. Carbs should not occupy more than 30-40% of anyone’s diet – and should be less if the goal is fat loss.


  •  Avoid artificial sweeteners. These chemicals are artificial and can disrupt the balance of our neurotransmitters and satiety (hunger). Some have been proven to be toxic, yet are still legal (aspartame and MSG, among others).


  •  Avoid gluten grains (rice, pasta, bread etc.). Our bodies do not know how to process these foods. Furthermore, most of these grains have very little to no nutritional value in them. They are high calorie, low nourishing foods.


  •  Wash your fresh food before you eat it. Even fresh fruit and veg has likely been exposed to pesticides and herbicides. What are these chemicals? The kill bacteria. Do you know what the trillions of cells in your microbiome are? Bacteria. These little critters actually keep you alive, believe it or not. They also outnumber your ‘human’ cells by 10 to 1. Try to keep them happy. And pesticides certainly don’t do that.


  •  Drink lots of water! Aim for 3 litres a day. 99% of your blood is made from water. 66% of your body is made from water. Water dilutes the poisons in your body. It hydrates your cells. It cushions your brain, joints and spinal cord. It’s pretty important. Make sure you refill your tank each day.


  •  Be aware of hidden carbs in sauces. There’s more carbs in most stir fry sauces than having a serve of Allen’s lollies. Learn to read your labels.


  •  Don’t use table salt! Use Celtic or Himalayan Rock Salt instead. These salts have 84 minerals your body needs to function properly. Table salt has been bleached and has less than 20.


  •  Ensure you are getting enough healthy fats each day. Little known fact – fats make many hormones, brain tissue, protect the skin, protect your cells, spinal cord, amongst other useful functions. They aren’t evil. Just pick the right ones, and moderate the ‘bad’ ones.


  •  Moderate your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a poison. It’s also a fuel source. When you drink it, your body breaks it down in preference to everything else, in order to get it out of your system. If you’re trying to burn fat or even digest your food properly, your efforts will be in vain while you’re consuming alcohol.


  •  If you’re a coffee fanatic, try substituting for herbal teas. Feel the difference in your body. Some even contain caffeine, if that’s why you drink your coffee. But they come with other benefits.


  •  If you crave sugar, have fruit! The natural sugars are far better than processed ones. You have enzymes (molecules that break specific things down) to deal with fruits far better than factory made stuff.


  •  Moderate dairy intake. People who are lactose intolerant are thought to have digestive issues. It could be argued that in reality, it’s the other way round. Humans are the only beings on the planet who drink milk as adults and who steal it from other species. It’s actually kind of gross when you think about it. Our biology is not accustomed to doing this. Most of us are lactose intolerant to some degree. It is just expressed more highly in some people as compared to others.


  •  Excess carbs literally convert to stored fat in the body. There’s a molecule called acetyl-coA. Long story short, both carbs and fats become this molecule after they are digested. Thing is, they can then swap and become each other. In this way, carbs become fat under many circumstances. Learn to moderate them.


  •  Stay positive! It is normal for your body to fluctuate. Don’t lose hope with one bad week. We have many articles on positivity and how it affects our bodies. Feel free to check them out.


  •  Remember your goal and your motives for starting if things get hard. Having a good reason for doing anything is important when life throws a spanner in the works. It keeps us on track in the face of adversity.


  •  If you are patient and persistent, you are bound to be successful. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But the most satisfying things in life are those that took a bit of work. Be diligent and persistent. Make smart choices. You will get there.


Try following as many of these Golden Rules of Fat Loss as you can. See what difference it makes in your life.

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About the Author: Dale Ingram is the Business Development Manager of Revival and General Manager of Papilio System. He is the co-creator of the Papilio System. He speaks publicly and is passionate about raising awareness of the Power we have within ourselves to make positive Change in our lives.